Morgan & Kenny

Until now, I have primarily focused on taking photos of landscapes and seascapes, capturing moments in nature. It comes easily and is my creative outlet, but in the past year I have wanted to push myself to learn more, exploring another form of something I love – lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle photography is more than taking candid shots. It’s about capturing images that reveal a story, a personality, a relationship, a feeling, and sometimes that can be hard to do. I’ve wanted to take this challenge on for a while and was given the opportunity when Morgan and Kenny asked me to photograph their engagement session.

There is a first time for everything in life and in most cases, the first time is often a mixture of excitement and nervousness all wrapped into one. My first engagement session was no exception. Even though I already knew the couple I was photographing, I was nervous. I wanted to capture images they and their family would love, and most of all ones that captured their love for one another. A high bar to set, but one I believe I achieved.

For Morgan and Kenny’s engagement shoot, I headed to Mt. Olive, North Carolina, where both grew up. We shot in two locations despite the heat, starting in Mt. Olive, before heading off to Bentonville, NC, where we wrapped up with stunning sunset shots at an old historic home. Throughout the entire process, Morgan and Kenny were a joy to work with and the shots came effortlessly with their lighthearted and candid interactions.

Below are only a few of the final results, but they are my favorite shots. Not only for what they capture, but for what they mark in what is hopefully the first of many sessions to come.