Autumn Leaves

Photo Oct 30, 6 40 18 PM Photo Oct 30, 6 39 51 PM
Photo Oct 30, 6 38 36 PM

Autumn Leaves, North Reading, MA –  Of all four seasons Fall is my favorite and since I’ve moved to New England, its been even more so. I love everything from the slight chill in the air, to apple picking, football, and carving pumpkins, to taking drives for the sole reason of seeing the leaves change (Otherwise known up here as leaf peeping).

The later of those was my afternoon two Sundays ago, differing from most, as football season is another season I’m fond of. However, since the Panthers game wasn’t airing, I decided to spend the day outside, capturing the peak of Fall. I picked a state park in North Reading and spent the day wandering through the woods, snapping pictures and enjoying the escape from city life.

Of the photos I took that day, this trio was my favorite — giving the illusion the leaves were falling, gracefully floating towards the ground, and perfectly encapsulating the quiet and peaceful autumn afternoon they were taken. Normally black and white would not have been my first choice for autumn leaves, but something about it fit with these pictures. So I’ve left them as is, and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.