Ripple Effect

Wakefield Lake Ripples

Ripple Effect, Wakefield, MA – One stone cast causes not just one ripple, but an endless amount of individual ripples, all intertwined.

At face value, this photo is simplistic, capturing the result of one of the smooth rocks being thrown into the water.But looked at, at a deeper level, it tells a story. A story of connectedness, or the Ripple Effect. Everything we do and think affects not only ourself, but others, which in turn affects others connected to them. One action doesn’t result in one ripple, but multiple, all of which have far reaching effects.

Ansel Adams, one of my favorite photographers, once said, “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” A phrase I believe holds so much truth. Every photo tells a story and all it takes is looking into a photo, and not at it.