Carolina Watercolor

Photo Sep 19, 11 09 31 PM

Carolina Watercolor, Cedar Island, NC – Shot this summer on my way out to Ocracoke Island, this photo recalls a glimpse of the coastal wetlands at first light.

In our efforts to maximize our time on the island for the long weekend, Ryan and I woke up at 2:00 am to ensure we caught the first ferry out.  I was determined to take advantage of seeing the sunrise, because despite the fact that I love early mornings and the peacefulness they bring, I also truly value sleep. When first light came, the light softly rolled over the back country road we were on, and onto the wetlands passing by, creating a beautiful blue hue and a very happy photographer.

Given our time crunch for the ferry, we decided we wouldn’t stop, so I took the challenge of taking a pristine and clear photo of this sunrise, from a truck moving at 60 mph. The result? Several failed shots, and the realization that these failed shots weren’t actually failures, but photos that captured the art of watercolor and the soft colors of the sunrise.

The sunrise that morning was beautiful, with all of the typical warm shades one brings, but it’s the uniqueness and peacefulness in this one that I enjoy the most.