It’s All About Perspective

Photo Sep 19, 11 12 07 PM (1)The Praying Tower of Rocks, Scituate, MA – A lot of things in life can be open to interpretation, and I believe that as a form of art, photography is one of them. A photo has the ability to tell more than one story, and stir feelings and thoughts, based on who is looking at it. Our minds all work in different ways and we ultimately perceive life based on our experiences, allowing one thing to have more than just one interpretation. It’s all about perspective.

This happened earlier this week as I showed my grandmother this very site, and the photo I was choosing to share next. After pulling the photo up on my iPad, she simply said, “You know, I don’t just see a tower of rocks. Do you see the praying woman?”

In my mind, I took a simple picture of a cairn,or tower of rocks if you will, as the sun set over the harbor.  However, my grandmother saw much more – a woman, bent down to the ground on her knees, hands together, praying. Once she described the curves of the rocks that corresponded to knees and hands, I saw it.

It reminded me that a photo has multiple layers, and that as Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”