With the Wind

Photo Sep 19, 11 17 15 PM

With the Wind, Scituate, MA – This photo has been my long time favorite, and has become even more so over the past year. Taken a few summers back on my aunt’s sail boat, I loved this photo simply for the lighting and contrast. I loved the texture in sail, how it changed as you moved your eye from bottom to top, and the way the sun’s light bounced not only over the sail, but reflected off the mast.

Now if you asked me why this photo one of my favorites, you’ll still hear all of these things, but that it’s the boat and the time spent on the boat that make it near and dear to my heart. My first summer in Boston, I decided to learn how to sail. I took a few classes in the city, but it was on the weekends when I was spending most of my time on the South Shore with family, and on Dolce Vento that I really began to understand sailing.

My aunt and uncle took me out numerous times, teaching me basics. How to learn the wind, how to tack, learning right of way, and even how to race. I’m far from an expert, but I now have a basic understanding of sailing and a summer full of fun memories with them on this boat. Easily making this a top favorite.


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